How to  navigate our site.

Begin at the search trips tab:

How do I start to search for consumers trips?
Click the search trips tab.  Here you will see all trip itineraries submitted by consumers available for you to bid on.

What is the customized search trip box?
This box allows you to search by specific airlines, class of service and travel date.
It is suggested to leave the tab at All so that you can view the maximum amount of trips available.

Why are there different region boxes?
This allows you to search by specific region.  If you only want to bid on North America trips, the number represents the number of trips available in that region.

What are the different airport boxes?
This also allows you to search by specific airports.  If you only want to bid on JFK for example, the number represents the number of trips from that airport.

What do I do now that I have selected the region and the airport that I want?
Double click your selection, and this takes you to the trips available for bidding page.

Trips available for bidding page.
Click the View Trip Details tab and here you can see the customers trip request information.

How do I bid on the selected trip?
On the customers trip Request page you will submit your bid.  You can provide all the details for the flight to the customer, you can submit comments regarding Car and Hotels or just submit a bid without providing any other information.

What do I do after I Submit The Bid in the bid box?
After you have completed your bid, click the place bid box at the bottom of the page.

What happens to my bid after it is placed?
Your bid automatically gets emailed to the customers account and they will use your contact information that you provided at registration to get back in touch with you.

How do I remove the unwanted trip requests?
After you have viewed the Customers Trip Details and it doesn't interest you, you can select
Purge Trip tab at the bottom of the page and it will remove it from your system

How many itineraries can I bid on?
You can bid on as many as you want.

What is My Bids Tab?
My Bids is where all your trips that you bid on are stored. Every trip that you have bid on has a trip id number as reference.  Simply type this number in the box and the trip will come up. You can also search for trips that you have bid on by departure city or departure date.

What if I can't find an answer to my question?
Click the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page, or call us at 1-800-871-2240 Ext. 4.

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